Maserati MEA CEO: Maserati has great opportunity to succeed in Egypt, in collaboration with our local partner MTI

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Led by Umberto Cini, Managing Director of Maserati Middle East and Africa, Maserati managers were keen on attending the press conference and the inauguration ceremony of Maserati Egypt’s new showroom and service center, and Maserati Levante SUV launch event in Egypt.

Cini started his speech by expressing his happiness over inaugurating the new showroom, describing it as “the new Maserati home” in Egypt. He expressed his pride over the company’s steps towards granting Egyptian clients “the Maserati pure experience”, which will enable them to purchase one of the new models, which will be exhibited in the showroom, such as Ghibli, Quattroporte and levante.

As for its plan to operate in Egypt, Cini said Maserati is a world-class brand that operates under the umbrella of FIAT Chrysler Automobiles. The company’s vision is to reach out to all possible clients across the universe in order to offer them the Maserati experience, saying: “Maserati is not a car, it is a lifestyle that reflects our values and our brand’s value of elegance and performance as well”.

He added that the company chose to expand in the models available in Egypt, starting from Ghibli and Quattroporte, then Levante. “Over the past period, we observed a notable development in the market, and noticed an opportunity for further success in the country, in collaboration with our local partner, MTI. Within six months, we had our first showroom,” Cini said.

During the ceremony, Maserati launched Levante, which has recently joined its fleet. “Levante is the first ever Maserati SUV, which means that the car offers enjoyable driving experience, with special consideration to details, performance and stability…”, said Cini. The car was tested for months to make sure that it lives up to the customers’ expectations. He added: “We guarantee that the car will be at the same elegance, optimum manufacturing, pleasure and performance levels, like any other Maserati”.

Meanwhile, Levante marketing strategy is based on one-to-one meetings with possible customers, because the sales experience heavily depends on personalization and individual preferences more than anything else.