Automotive Division 

Automotive Division

MTI’s mission is to become the largest premium luxury importer & distributor in Egypt setting a new benchmark in customer service.

MTI’s expertise was acquired by building on the years of success in providing luxury vehicle brands such as:
Land Rover – Jaguar- Maserati- Bentley- Ducati,
in addition to providing high end luxury goods.

MTI acts as the exclusive agent and sole distributor for the brands it works with.

Land Rover

Each Land Rover is at ease in every habitat, from rocky mountain trails to smart city streets, and brought to life by the finest materials for a car with an unmistakable presence.


Jaguar is as dynamic as our name and logo suggest. We’ve always believed that a car is the closest thing you can create to something that is alive.


Elegance, style, sportiness and performance with a long and glorious heritage.


Embodying a unique blend of exquisite style, craftsmanship and exhilaration, Bentley offers the ultimate car-ride experience.


The world’s most attractive motorcycles are the result of a deep commitment to racing competitions; they are the purest expression of refined skill, unmistakable design and above all, a great passion for bikes.

Victory Motorcycles

Muscle, power, and performance from the heart of the Americas. Whatever your passion or riding style, Victory has a motorcycle for it.


For millions of people around the world, Polaris has become synonymous with adventure and passion, in both work and play. For more than 60 years, we’ve been making high-quality.

Our Showroom’s

Jaguar & Landrover

116 Joseph Tito Road Nozha Gedida Cairo,Egypt.

Phone: +(+202) 26234678


Ducati ,Polaris, Victory

116 Joseph Tito Road Nozha Gedida Cairo,Egypt.

Phone: +20 262 39993/4/5



16 Joseph Tito Road Nozha Gedida Cairo,Egypt.

Phone: +20 2 2623 9993