Mission and Vision

Letter from the Chairman

To our valued readers, investors, and customers,

It is our great pleasure to announce MTI's 22nd anniversary of commitment and dedication to our partners and customers.

MTI's strong performance year after year is a testament to our diversified business and multiple engines of growth carried out with a disciplined strategy and outstanding execution from our team. At MTI, we have strived to offer our partners and customers the best in class service to guarantee their constant satisfaction, and maintain our status as Egypt's leading distributor and retailer.

MTI's track record over the years highlights our agility in adapting to a rapidly changing consumer environment. Our philosophy is to always exceed our customers’ expectations in the services we provide and in maintaining strong ties thereafter.

MTI continues to prove its strength in the domestic consumer market, with the largest distribution network by geographic reach and retail points of sale. It is also our delight to mention that our business is constantly expanding, through adding several internationally-renowned brands to our current portfolio. This has been a direct result of the efforts invested by MTI’s team of 1,500+ dedicated employees across Egypt, with one common spirit of success.

We look forward to continuously see our customers and partners pleased by the services and care we will continue to offer.

Warmest regards,